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New offer from Bargudzin Tokum.

Hotel Bargudzin Tokum propose new routes from our partner Beketov ALEX&GALINA. We have a great choice of routes around Lake Baikal, Trans-Baikal National Park and Barguzin ...


Vacation on Lake Baikal

Barguzin bay, Chivyrkuisky Bay, Monakhovo and Sviatoy Nos (Holy Nose). These places already known worldwide. Wild impassable taiga and unique beauty and power of Lake Baikal fascinates you. Lake ...


Temple of the Goddess Yanzhima

Buddhist center of Barguzin valley. Yanzhima - goddess of arts , sciences, crafts, wisdom and prosperity. Yanzhima associated with purity , innocence and a new creation . The Indian name of the ...


Hotel Bargudzin Tokum/Lake Baikal/Russian Federation

Bargudzhin Tokum- young company in the hospitality industry, but has already proved itself in the field of services in the market of tourist business. We are in close proximity to the most popular ...